Glener predicted that Art Deco-themed jewelry would be hot, and there was no shortage of beautiful, imaginative geometric pieces introduced in 2016. He also guessed that a 1970s fashion revival would still captivate, but the trend petered out earlier in the year.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry wore these diamond and white gold earrings to Capital Record’s 75th anniversary gala. Simple geometric shapes make for a sum far greater than its parts.

diamond and white gold earrings

Geometric elegance – these stylish beauties feature diamonds, brown diamonds and white topaz, set in 18K white gold.

Earrings are in, and designers are lavishing their creativity on them. Glener is betting on statement earrings with bold designs and lots of color.

Glener’s Wish List: “Art Nouveau jewelry is beautiful – and it has been neglected compared to the amount of neo-Art Deco and neo-Edwardian jewelry in display cases. I’d love to see its sinuous lines and mythic motifs reimagined.”

Art Nouveau pin with stylistic motifs

Fantasy and the subconscious mind were given free reign in this Art Nouveau pin. These stylistic motifs are relatively rare in contemporary jewelry. Courtesy: Chris Mulloy Antiques. Photo: Kevin Schumacher/GIAKristin Mahan, manager, PR & media relations