Olivier Rousteing released a conceptual, gold-filled video on Instagram yesterday. The segment, which was conceived and directed by Pascal Dangin, shows a lone, silhouetted Rousteing fashioning a long gold wire into what appears to be a bracelet. He jams out via gold headphones. His fingers examine the texture of a tassel (featuring gold hardware, natch). He flips a gold medallion in the air. The underlying message? Balmain accessories are coming.

On January 21, Rousteing will unveil Balmain’s first accessories collection at the French fashion label’s Fall 2017 menswear and Pre-Fall 2017 womenswear presentation. The medallion, thread and tassel shown in the video represent the three main elements of Balmain’s upcoming jewelry line. Pieces from the Renaissance range will feature gold coin medallions. The Le 44 designs will be distinguishable by their golden thread motif. The Domaine range will consist of leather-tasseled, gold-topped charms.


The line will feature everything from flashy, nightlife-appropriate jewelry to more subtle, office-friendly items. The idea is to appeal to Balmain’s vast army of followers — minimalists and maximalists alike. In keeping with these democratic principles, the former H&M collaborator created both pricey high-end pieces and more affordable, accessible wares. “We have different bags and shoes that are not as expensive for people that might love the Balmain world, but do not have the money for the couture aspect,” the designer told Vogue.