Shopping around for diamonds and best quality diamond engagement rings is no longer that daunting experience it once was with the discomfort of being pressured into a purchase on the spot, indulging in embarrassing conversations regarding pricing or travelling far and wide in search of the ideal ring. Nowadays, you can sit in the comfort and privacy of home comparing numerous online retailers and how to find quality rings online that offer competitive pricing.

Made to order rings from 77 Diamonds

Although the online diamond shopping trend has been prevalent for several years now, we have recently witnessed a significant rise. “We have seen a large and consistent year in year rise in consumers buying engagement rings online, and this is now our dominant category,” reveals Tobias Kormind, managing director at 77 Diamonds. “As consumers have become much more comfortable making an informed decision online, supported in part by real diamond pictures and additional email and phone calls with our experts, they have become much more confident to make such a large and important purchase,” he explains.

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Here are some reasons why buying an engagement ring online is steadily growing in popularity:

  1.  Competitive pricing: Online diamond retailers offer savings of up to 80% when compared to the high street. These savings are made possible as online retailers do not have the same overheads as high-street jewellers, you don’t pay a premium for the brand name and diamonds are sourced directly from manufacturers – those who cut and polish the stones – cutting out middlemen costs.
  2.  Greater variety: Online retailers have thousands of diamonds to choose from with access to majority of the world’s diamonds. You can hand-pick your diamond and choose the exact specifications you desire eg Cushion cut, 1.10ct, F colour, VVS2 clarity, GIA certified, excellent polish and symmetry, no fluorescence, with a L/W ratio of 1-1.05. When choosing online, you can be as specific as you like.
  3.  Made to order: Every ring is custom-made to order – you choose the diamond, the ring design, the metal and ring size and it will be customised to your requirements. Some online jewellers like 77 Diamonds have their own workshops where every item is handmade in London.
  4.  Convenient: You can research options in a completely unpressurised way, allowing ample time and ease to compare, combined with an ability to save significantly on the final price. With real diamond pictures and video of the product modelled, you can spend more time making sure your purchase is the right one.
  5.  Guidance: Online retailers have a teams of experts who can be contacted via live chat, email or phone at any time to assist you in your diamond search and educate you on diamonds – the cut, colour, clarity, certificate and so on. Also, there is a section on the website dedicated to diamond education providing detailed information on the quality spectrum of diamonds, the 4c’s and what to look for when selecting a stone.