The company of Master Jewellers’ autumn trade event’s best new collection was Diamond Jewellery manufacturer Gemex.

At a Christmas extravaganza event held in Birmingham Hilton Metropolitan hotel on Sunday evening (August 7) Gemex was publicly recognised for its striking new additions to the best-selling Raphael range.

“Our new range of engagement rings was extremely popular with the members and many firm orders were placed at the show,” comments Gemex managing director Lee Ruben. “Not only are our designs cutting edge, but the prices are ultra competitive.”

New pieces include heart-shaped diamonds surrounded by either a single or double-set bezel, and stones studded down each shoulder.

Ruben continues: “Our range of dummy samples are working so hard for our retail partners. Several retailers placed orders for yet another box as one box is not enough, especially when serving customers on Saturdays.”

The CMJ autumn trade event took place August 7-8.