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Welcome to the TrueFacet’s guest blogger series, where jewelry bloggers weigh in on their favorite subject. Today Gem Hunt blogger Catherine Cason shares her all-time favorite celebrity engagement rings—and cheekily dishes some “lessons” for anyone about to pop the question.

Lesson #1: Big diamonds are a good investment.
liz taylor enagement

The Krupp Diamond’s story combines romance and legendary diamond dreams. Weighing in at 33.19 carats, this Asscher-cut beauty was distinguished for its large size—and is what I personally love about it. Richard Burton purchased the diamond at auction in 1968 for $307,000 (over $2.1 million today). He presented the diamond to then wife Elizabeth Taylor on their yacht while floating down the river Thames. When Taylor passed away in 2011, the diamond was sold for $8 million—not a bad return on investment if you are trying to convince your loved one you need that 33-carat diamond.

Editor’s note: I have tried this tactic on my husband; it has not yet worked.

Lesson #2: When in doubt, upgrade.
grace kelly

Prince Rainier of Monaco III first proposed to Grace Kelly in 1955 with a small eternity band. But he quickly realized that size does matter and upgraded Kelly to a whopping 10.47-carat emerald cut diamond from Cartier. The stunning center stone was flanked by baguettes to emphasize its impressive size. I would say yes to this ring too—even if it was on the second try.

Lesson #3: Sentimentality always wins out.
Napoleon's engagement ring for Josephine fetches 8,000 at Auction

When the young emperor Napoleon went to buy his bride-to-be Josephine an engagement ring, he was quite poor, albeit rich in love. He purchased a ring with a pear-shaped diamond and pear-shaped sapphire ring. The ring was the precursor for what is now known as the moi et toi style. The two intertwined stones symbolize the merging of two souls and this romantic story wins my heart every time.

Lesson #4: Don’t be afraid to “do you.”
audrey hepburn

When Mel Ferrer and Audrey Hepburn married in 1954, Hepburn received three rings instead of the traditional single wedding band. The rings were intended to be worn individually (to match her outfits accordingly) or stacked; Hepburn mixed all three metals—white, rose and yellow gold—and stacked them on one finger. We know Hepburn best for putting the little black dress on the map and jewelry lovers may now recognize her for starting the stacked ring trend.

Lesson #5: Family heirlooms are always a winner.
queen elizabethPrince Philip proposed to Queen Elizabeth with a 3-carat round cut stunner, flanked on each side with five pavé diamonds. The diamonds were family heirlooms, taken from one his mother’s, Princess Alice, tiaras—specifically a diamond and aquamarine tiara given to her by Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra of Russia. I’ve said it before and will say it again: I would pretty much marry anyone if they have a 3-carat round cut diamond in the family.

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Gem Hunt is an online jewelry magazine started by Catherine Cason. Catherine is a self-described “gem addict” who wanted to share her journey through the wonderful world of fine jewelry with other jewelry lovers. Gem Hunt is dedicated to uncovering the best stories about jewelry, and the people love and wear it.

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