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We look at the most coveted, impressive and iconic engagement ring styles by Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Harry Winston and Chopard and why they have remained so popular.

The Tiffany Setting from Tiffany & Co.

Historically, engagement ring diamonds were set with a bezel setting. In this type of setting, the diamond sat surrounded by the ring’s precious metal band, leaving only the top of the diamond visible. Although this is an incredibly secure way to set a gemstone, placing the stone in the band means light cannot pass through the diamond and it appears less brilliant.

So, when Tiffany introduced the multi-pronged Tiffany Setting in 1886, it was a complete paradigm shift in engagement ring styles. Tiffany’s breakthrough setting held the diamond up above the band and effectively maximized the amount of light that could pass through it and, in turn, the diamond’s brilliance.

Since then, the Tiffany Setting remains the quintessential modern engagement ring and perhaps the most popular engagement ring style overall.

Solitaire 1895 from Cartier

As its name suggestions, the Solitaire 1895 by Cartier made its debut in the late 19th century and has remained a coveted engagement ring style ever since. The classic Solitaire 1895 ring features a brilliant-cut diamond, set high in four prongs to maximize the stone’s brilliance, similar to the aforementioned Tiffany Setting by Tiffany & Co.

But, to make the ring even more impressive, Cartier added brilliant-cut pavé diamonds to the 18K yellow gold band. To further distinguish the design, while most engagement rings are made in platinum, the Solitaire 1895 by Cartier is frequently made with 18K yellow gold.

The One from Harry Winston

Harry Winston prides itself on selecting only the finest diamonds to set in their engagement rings. Marked for their flawless clarity and exquisitely colorless appearance, the dazzling brilliance of these diamonds is further enhanced by Harry Winston’s signature setting, The One.

The One setting features a cushion-cut diamond as its center stone, framed by micropavé diamonds set on the band and surrounding halo. Micropavé diamonds are small stones that weigh a mere 1/100th of a carat but their incorporation into the delicate design underscores the brilliance and impressive size of the large center stone.

Chopard For Ever by Chopard

Chopard’s fine jewelry designs are marked for their timeless appeal. Their aptly named engagement ring setting, the Chopard For Ever, carries on the masion’s artful design heritage. The classic engagement ring features a round-cut diamond as its center stone.

But what makes the Chopard For Ever ring so exceptional is its pavé diamond band. The 18 small stones are set so closely together, the setting’s metal is barely visible, giving the illusion of a band made entirely of diamonds. This delicate and time-honored design keeps the focus on the high-quality diamonds.

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