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“Yellow gold is in! Nope, wait, wait one second. Okay no, it’s out again. Hold on! Nope, it’s in…totally in right now. Actually, a celebrity just wore pink gold on the red carpet a minute ago. Yellow gold is so yesterday.”

Ever feel like that’s something that happens in the world of jewelry fashion? Well you’re right; it absolutely is. As someone who is responsible for tracking trends, writing reports and bringing you the latest styles from different jewelry trade shows and fairs around the world, I find it pretty damn hard to keep track of what’s hot one minute and what you should store until the trend comes back, which, considering the way our attention span is acting these days, will likely be in the next week or two.

Currently, however, there are a couple of trends that have been sticking around with no signs of slowing down in terms of their popularity. Here are a few I recommend either investing in or pulling out of the jewelry box if you happen to own them or something similar to them already.

Interchangeable Jewelry
Self-purchasing women are the new “midlife-crisis” men, meaning that, as of late, we’ve discovered a newfound love for variety. In this regard, brands like Les Georgettes out of France and Van Der Bauwede Genève out of, well, Genève (obviously) are taking the flexibility women are used to experiencing in their 7 a.m. yoga class and applying it to everyday, wearable baubles. With bracelets that contain different, colorful materials that are easy to swap for a new look, this is a trend that, for a fairly inexpensive investment, offers the wearer a great opportunity for both self-expression and stylish elegance.

Alternative Metal Jewelry
When I used to hear the term “alternative metal,” I’d think about two genres of rock-n-roll that had no place being fused, but when I started working in the jewelry industry, the term took on a new meaning—one I was much happier getting to know.

With the millennial generation’s interest in storytelling, jewelry made using interesting textiles, obscure elements, and nontraditional materials is all the rage, not to mention these (often contemporary) baubles are usually affordable for those still in the thick of paying off their student loans.

CartierCartier Trinity 18K Rose, White And Yellow Gold Rolling Band RingPre-owned$1,723BulgariBulgari Rose Gold, SteelPre-owned$1,695Tiffany & Co.Tiffany & Co. T 18K Rose Gold Wire Band RingPre-owned$702

Estate Pieces
Another trend that’s been going strong for years with no signs of stopping is having one or a hundred estate or vintage pieces of jewelry at your disposal. These pieces could be gold knot rings from the 1980s or Victorian-era brooches; there really is no in-between for collectors. It really just boils down to the individual’s love of the art of jewelry making. Estate pieces are very much in demand and wearers of the adornments will often stack items from different eras either on the hands, on the wrists, or on the neck.

In terms of jewelry that may have taken a back seat in your safety deposit box for now, my suggestion is to not store them too far behind your great-grandparents’ original marriage license and that teacup that your mother insisted was used by Betsy Ross. Before you know it, you’ll be pulling them back out.

Here are a couple of jewelry items that, while they may not form part of your everyday wardrobe, should hang close by for the moments you feel they’re appropriate.

Unbranded14K Yellow Gold Enamel Pearl Art Nouveau Victorian PendantPre-owned$2,995Unbranded14K Yellow Gold Woven Band Knot Design RingPre-owned$210UnbrandedVintage Platinum & 1.10ct Diamond Victorian Tear Dangle EarringsPre-owned$5,625

Big, Colorful Statement Rings
Stack rings and itty-bitty jewels are sweet and easy to wear, but nothing says, “I am capable of growing entire human beings in my body while making a four-course meal and co-authoring a book on the history of transcendentalism” like a bright, bold piece of blingtastic eye candy. Have a few pieces handy for those nights when you feel your life needs a little more color even when your closet screams, “This is the Home of the Little Black Dress.”

IppolitaIppolita Rock Candy 18K Yellow Multi-Colored Stones Cocktail RingNewer worn$1,400MageritMagerit Babylon 18K Yellow Gold Diamond & Lapis Lazuli Cocktail RingNewer worn$1,749ChanelChanel 18K Yellow Gold Multi-Gemstone Cocktail RingPre-owned$7,000

Dazzling Drops
Earrings are my life. If anyone ever asked me what I’d wear if I could only wear one type of jewelry forever, I would say it would have to be long, swingy earrings, hands down. But while they still look beautiful on the red carpet and at cocktail events, many mainstream style mavens have put their long earrings aside and opted for the stud look instead.

And, yes, while I tend to wear studs daily, I also dress up my nights with long earrings that accentuate my neck and get lost in the length of my brunette mane, which is why I suggest jewelry lovers do the same.

Roberto CoinRoberto Coin 18K Yellow Gold 0.83ct Diamonds With Gold Discs Drop On Chain Loop EarringsNewer worn$3,945David YurmanDavid Yurman 925 Sterling Silver Chandelier Diamond Onyx EarringsNewer worn$1,208Stephen WebsterStephen Webster 925 Sterling Silver Superstud Large Chandelier EarringsNewer worn$314

At the end of the day, trends are just that—trends. One’s jewelry style is personal. Wear what you feel makes you happy and beautiful, and wear it because you’re your own person who dances to your own “alternative metal” rock band.


Main image via Getty Images.