Kwon was chosen from 123 admissions representing 27 nations. She will receive a $7500 cash award, along with her work, together with all the other 4 finalists, will be featured with Platina Gallery in Handwerksmesse, which takes place in Munich in March 2015. Kwon will also obtain a one-year expert membership to AJF and will act as a juror for the 2015 Artist Award contest.

The goal of the AJF Artist Award is to acknowledge guarantee, innovation, and identity in developing jewelers. This year’s contest was open to art jewelry manufacturers 35 years old or younger who weren’t enrolled in a professional training program; submitted job needed to have been finished between 2012 and 2014. The jurors have been Sooyeon Kim, jewellery artist and winner of this 2013 award; Carin Reinders, director of the Coda Museum, Apeldoorn, Netherlands; and Karen Rotenberg, founder and director of Alianza Contemporary Craft and also a collector of modern jewelry. Criteria used in estimating were originality, depth of theory, and quality of craftsmanship.

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Seulgi Kwon Kwon employs the subject of plant pictures to express meanings and symbols of memories of her everyday life. Plants alter their form at every phase of growth: seeds sprout, spread roots, and blossom. This course of change gives rise to inconsistent organisms and natural forms. Kwon’s work actively expresses the organic movements of crops, with their cryptic colours and always changing forms, producing texture with all the materiality and transparency of silicone.

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Kwon attempts to express the living in her work, so many of her pieces have rich colors and unique shapes.
Carin Reinders stated,”Seulgi uses glass, silicone, and pigments together with great beauty and poetic transparency. The brooch A Soft Rain has the softness and the vulnerability of this first refreshing and soft drops. Deep in the Night provides the awareness of a night in the jungle together with the great emerald green rock, glowing in the dark. Seulgi’s job has great poetic energy and classical elements, but is assembled in a really contemporary way.” Sooyeon Kim commented,”Due to Seulgi’s deep comprehension of silicone as a material, it feels like she has power over the substance. This would not be possible without everlasting study. Her exotic forms and vivid colors have a unique fascination.” Ms. Rotenberg added,”Seulgi demonstrates an innovative and beautiful use of substance; her job is visually compelling.”

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Kwon got a bachelor’s (2007) and a master’s (2010) of arts metalwork and jewellery in Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea.
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