Panthère de Cartier Ring replica

Panthère de Cartier Ring replica

Since introducing its first jewelry collection in the ’60s, Cartier has climbed its way to the top. Now recognized as one of the top luxury jewelry designers in the world, Cartier has an extensive archive of breathtaking jewelry collections. Here are five of their current, stunning jewelry collections.

Many jewelers interpret flowers, especially roses, but Cartier replica jewelry may have the closest relationship to the flower yet. Cartier, current chairman of the jeweler, has a deep connection with roses, so much so that a breed of rose was named for him in 1982, the Cartier Rose. Yves spent his life working closely with rose breeders, acting as chair of rose competitions and advocating on behalf of roses. Cartier knockoff jewelry, unsurprisingly, is an interpretation of the Cartier jewelry in white and yellow gold set with diamonds or without.

Introduced in 2014, the Possession collection is Cartier’s way to balance their typically-extravagant fine jewelry collections. The modern collections are a bit trendier and attainable than the jeweler’s typical designs. To put a face to Possession, Cartier love bracelet replica chose Olivia Palermo as a brand ambassador to the collection, further demonstrating the wearability and fashion-forward look of the collection. The 17 pieces were designed to be mix and matched in whichever creative way the wearer chooses while maintaining the luxury feel of Cartier.

Released in summer of 2015, Cartier’s Secrets and Lights collection features 38 watches and 93 high jewelry designs. This collection was inspired by the Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica, primarily focusing on the cities of Venice and Samarkand. The name of the collection comes from the collections inspired by the two cities — “The Secrets of Venice” and “The Lights of Samarkand.” The cities were chosen for the culture, history, architecture and beauty. The Venetian collection uses ornate patterns and enameling inspired by the Italian city while the Samarkand collections focuses on rare gems sourced from all over the globe.

Extremely Cartier was designed especially for Cartier’s 140th anniversary to showcase their emblematic designs of the 1960s-70s. The high jewelry and watch collection features 37 watches and 88 Replica Cartier love ring real gold pieces as an ode to the iconic watch designs of the time period. The collection is a colorful combination of precious gems and carefree designs featuring hammered gold and colorful stones like lapis lazuli. The other half of the collection contrasts the bold and bright with dazzling pieces featuring marquis-cut diamonds set in white gold.