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Hermes jewelry was founded in 1837 but its iconic logo was not introduced until the early 1950s. The luxury French manufacturer originally produced harnesses and bridles for the carriages of noblemen. Over the decades, the brand expanded its offerings to include leather goods and handbags, then scarves and ties.

The logo features a Duc carriage with a horse which harkens back to the brand’s original core offerings. It is believed the designers turned to the French painter Alfred de Dreux (1810-1860) and his painting “Le Duc Attele, Groom a L’Attente” (“Hitched Carriage, Waiting Groom”) as their primary inspiration source.

As for that distinct “Hermes Orange” hue, that was introduced after World War II. Due to supply shortages, Hermes had to drop their original packaging (cream colored boxes with brown edging) for orange ones. Hermes jewelry replica even won a packaging Oscar in 1994 for their unique boxes.

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